Wendy's a mostly-retired copywriter, graphic de-

                                                  signer, comedy broadcast producer, marketing and                                                   creative director in advertising and entertainment. 


                                                  She has two rescue pooches, Bones, a Redbone                                                         Coonhound (aka Mr. Grumpy); & Eddie, a sweet                                                         wolf mix (aka Mr. I’ll Do Anything For You Now?                                                           Now? Now?). Wendy gardens daily, talks to

                                                      strangers, takes a ridiculous amount of photos and

pulls it all together in mixed media collage.


In her collages, “first thought, best thought” guides her, composition drives her, and instinct trumps concept. The work celebrates what's spiritual in the mundane, the absurdity of everything, and occasionally makes a socio-political statement or two. 


Her purpose in life is to be kind, generous and to create beautiful moments.

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